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Your Guide to Wellness Travel

There is no doubt that travel is one of the top goals of many people. One glance at any type social media shows an endless stream of friends and acquaintances relating something about taking glamorous trips to exotic locales. One of the best reasons to travel, however, is simply to focus on your own health […]

Where to Travel in the United States Each Month of the Year

Where to Travel in the US Each Month of the Year

January: With all of the kids back in school, and cold/wet weather in most of the country, this is the perfect time to enjoy some sunshine and beaches, and head to Orlando or San Diego. Since lines at theme parks tend to be at their shortest, the weather is much better than most places in […]

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The 8 Best Easy-Hiking Vacation Destinations

For many people, hiking is something they enjoy, but the stunning, yet strenuous, hikes that last for multiple days and cover extreme elevation changes are not accessible to everyone. Spending time in nature is a great goal, but it’s difficult to know exactly what the best hiking trip is. In order for you to avoid […]


Top Travel Destinations for Divers

As we move from autumn to winter, the days grow shorter, and the temperature falls, you may find yourself looking for a getaway destination full of sunny skies and warm waters. For people who love to scuba dive like myself, here is a just one very short list of great places to pack up your […]


Traveling Ethically

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries. Travel has an immense ability to humble people, to connect people, and to open your eyes to different viewpoints and cultures. But it isn’t just about trying new food, seeing new vistas, and meeting new friends in far-away places. When traveling to locations with smaller economies, or […]


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